Harnessing Medicinal Properties of Copper Against COVID-19

At the outset, we would like to submit that this blog is not intended to exaggerate and make disproportionate claims about copper metal products as savior and armor against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Rather this blog explores and reviews published scientific literature revealing innate anti-viral benefits of copper specifically against SARS-COV2 outbreak. We can be amazed by the intellect and acumen of our ancestors who 10,000 years back in history discovered copper and techniques to make its various alloys and incorporated copper extensively in their lifestyle.

Colossal Coronavirus infection cases and mortality figures have led to a surge in the market for materials laced with copper including face masks, bed sheets, socks, and many more. In this blog, we would like to highlight well accepted and established medicinal properties of copper and how this innate power of copper can be exploited in COVID times.

Below are some published scientific literature revealing innate anti-viral benefits of copper specifically against SARS-COV2 outbreak. You can click on each article to visit the websites where these are published.

1. Article published on the United States Environment Protection Agency Website
click to read the complete publication

2. Article published on the BioRxiv Website

click to read the complete publication

3. PDF document published on ASM International Website

In Ayurveda, drinking water cleansed and ionized in a copper vessel, cooking and serving food in copper utensils has been a centuries-old practice. This potentially therapeutic water from copper vessels charged with antioxidants is called Tamra Jal. Coppersmith Creations in an effort to disseminate this ancient wisdom globally has been manufacturing authentic copper bottles, mugs, glass, jugs, and utensils in its state-of-the-art facility in India. Drinking Tamra Jal and using copper utensils is believed to boost innate immunity as copper is a key element in the functioning and maintenance of the human immune system.

Copper and its alloys were recognized in 2008 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the first effective metallic antimicrobial agent. Coppersmith Creations with its team of highly skilled artisans and designers is a leading exporter for the last two decades of exquisite, stunning, and authentic copper kitchen sinks and copper bathtubs in beautiful designs and sleek finishes. Installation of our curated and aspirational copper kitchen sinks and bathtubs will surely enable the buyer to enjoy the best of hygiene in a home with intrinsic anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal property of copper surface due to “contact killing”, rapidly eliminating 99.9% of various SARS-COV2 strains within 1 minute to 4 hours, providing an extra protective armor to your entire family from COVID-19 pandemic.

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