Copper Bathtubs are Transforming Homes into Wellness & Healing Energy Centers

Picture courtesy of ArchitectureBrio shared on their Instagram post. This bathtub was supplied by Coppersmith Creations.

Taking a cue from ancient civilizations and acumen, Coppersmith Creations is translating Copper, the metal with healing, spirituality, and optimistic vibes and properties, in designing of exquisite, curated, and stunning variety of copper bathtubs. We all desire a visit to Spa as an escapade into the healing world to recharge and rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul. The word “Spa” literally means “health through water” promising wellness through the healing power of water. Spa therapy dates back to the Roman/Greek era to relieve symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion. Water is “yin and yang” for the mind, body, and soul, and the body submerged in water finds true balance and equilibrium.

Coppersmith Creations since the last two decades is promoting the concept of Home spaces and Holistic centers by installing indoor/outdoor copper bathtubs enabling buyers to experience miraculous effects on the body and mind. Coppersmith Creations copper bathtubs will indeed be a pride of your bathrooms and develop a wellness environment in your home. Coppersmith Creations recommend keeping its chic and aspirational copper bathtubs filled with lukewarm water for 2-4 hours which makes water alkaline and perfect for aquatic therapy. Coppersmith Creations is committed to bring Home Spa culture into the spotlight and elevate bathrooms/homes to holistic centers with its reimagined and captivating designs of copper bathtubs. Coppersmith Creations exotic copper bathtubs can enable buyers to enjoy baths with various kinds of natural salts/oils, massage, aromatherapy sessions, therapeutic muds as body wraps as well as beauty and skin care treatments from the comfort of their homes.

Coppersmith Creations offers a wide range of copper bathtub options in different designs and finishes. Make a choice of copper bathtub from our exquisite range and get in touch with us to discuss further. These bathtubs are handcrafted luxury bathing fixtures built by consummate Indian artisans and imported and marketed in the European countries by Coppersmith Creations Ltd. UK

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