July 6, 2018

Copper Bathtub Care & Maintenance

Copper Bathtub Care & Maintenance

Maintenance of Copper Bathtubs

Naturally, copper metal is corrosion resistant hence copper bathtubs never rust.

Each Copper Bath and Brass Bath is coated with a lacquer that maintains the finish and means that the bath only needs to be cleaned by nonabrasive, everyday bathroom cleaner and wiped with a soft cloth. The coating is durable and flexible, allowing it to stand up to the rigors of regular use.

All surfaces which are supplied plated with Tin, Nickel are supplied un-coated as all of these elements are nonoxidizing and will need no special maintenance other than cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners as used on the coated surfaces.


  • Use a mild detergent or mild soap ONLY. Other cleaning products can damage the surface of the copper bath. These include degreasers and corrosive cleaners, plus ammonia or acid-based cleaners. NEVER use any of these as it can cause irreparable damage.
  • Use a soft cloth ONLY. NEVER use steel wool as this can scratch the surface of the bath, and the same goes for brushes.
  • When you’re having a bath make sure anything you want to add to the water is suitable for use in a copper bath. For example, lemon should NEVER be added to bath water.


To be honest it’s really not worth trying to repair any scratches. It’s a well-known fact that copper scratches easily and the second you try to repair a scratch another one will just pop up elsewhere. Instead, you should learn to love the scratches, as these alongside dings and dents from a unique character for your copper bath and add to that rustic feel. Eventually, scratches will blend into the surface of their own accord anyway, as copper will change appearance over time.

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