Coronavirus life on Copper surface

Coronavirus life on copper surface Being a connoisseur of copper products we keep talking and promoting about the antimicrobial properties of copper. Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, it has become important for us to reiterate the fact backed by the researches being conducted globally that copper is really effective in preventing the growth of coronavirus Read more about Coronavirus life on Copper surface[…]

Luxury Copper Kitchen Sink from Coppersmith Creations

Celebrate Design and Luxury with Stunning Copper Kitchen Sinks

In recent years the use of luxury copper kitchen sink has become a global trend in the Kitchen space. Copper sinks add an element of luxury and elegance to any kitchen along with their proven inherent anti-bacterial and anti-viral property. More and more households are attracted by the aesthetics, soulful and prestigious appearance of copper Read more about Celebrate Design and Luxury with Stunning Copper Kitchen Sinks[…]

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