Blue Brass Cremation Urn

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  • Solid brass cremation urn
  • Nickel & Sky Blue Finish
  • Threaded Secure top lid
  • Diameter: 6.5″ , Height: 10″
  • Weight: 2.400 kg


Blue Brass Cremation Urn

Solid blue brass cremation urn, is an adult size cremation urn with beautiful sky blue and nickel finish. The intricate engraved design is all hand done. The urn requires no maintenance. It comes with a very secure threaded “screw-on” top lid and flat bottom. Height: 10″  Width: 6.5″.

Why you should consider investing in a Blue Brass Cremation Urn

Brass turns “black” when cleaning due to over-use and misuse of polish. The biggest challenge to
the upkeep of most metals, including brass, is the removal and inhibition of tarnish. All
substances, especially metals, oxidize when exposed to air.

Cleaning (for light soils): The use of isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) applied with the sponge side of a light-duty, “white-padded” scrubbing sponge with the grain of the door.
In the event of tougher scuff marks, flip over sponge and gently agitate with the grain of
the metal with the white scrub pad.

Dampen sponge side with water, and apply a light scouring low
abrasion cream onto it. Work product into sponge, and then stroke it onto your door with
the grain. Once completed, wipe surface thoroughly clean with a clean, soft rag. Once
surface is cleaned, then go to the next step.

Care & Maintenance

This brass is coated with a lacquer that maintains the finish and means that the bath only needs to be cleaned by nonabrasive, everyday bathroom cleaner and wiped with a soft cloth. The coating is durable and flexible, allowing it to stand up to the rigors of regular use.
Read more on the  Care and Maintenance

Marketed in INDIA by Coppersmith Creations

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Additional information

Weight 2.400 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 10 in

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