Hammered Dark Antique Copper Tub

  • Design: Traditional
  • Product Finish: Antique Copper Patina
  • Overflow Hole: Optional
  • Shape: Oval
  • Length: 71″
  • Width: 33-3/4″
  • Height: 33″
  • Tub Interior Length: 51″
  • Tub Interior Width: 21-1/4″
  • Water Depth to Rim: 17″
  • Water Depth To Overflow: 14-1/4″
  • Exterior Treatment: Hammered
  • Interior Treatment: Hammered
  • Metal Gauge/Thickness: 16 Gauge
  • Tap Deck: No
  • Drain Included: No
  • Drain Placement: Center
  • Faucet Included: No
  • Faucet Drillings: No Drillings
  • Water Capacity (Gallons): 79
  • Built-In Adjusters: Yes
  • Tub Weight Uncrated (lbs): 111
  • Tub Weight Crated (lbs): 221
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Hammered Dark Antique Copper Tub

Soak luxuriously in this spacious 71″ Hammered Dark Antique Copper Tub on Plinth. This copper tub has a hammered surface with a sultry Dark Antique Copper finish. Pair with a freestanding tub filler or wall-mount faucet.

Why you should consider investing Hammered Dark Antique Copper Tub

Copper bathtubs are proven to have healing benefits for the human body. Soaking yourself regularly in a copper bathtub rejuvenate and enrich your cells and tissues. For the people living in European and Western countries where the temperatures are freezing cold, copper bathtubs have been of the historic importance. Because of intrinsic property of the copper to adapt and maintain the temperature of substance that comes in its contact, copper bathtub can keep the hot water hot and the cold water cold for longer duration than their counterpart ceramic tubs.

The copper bathtubs also helps in saving your energy bills as you only need to pour the hot water once in the tub and you can enjoy a longer soak in tub as tub will maintain the warmth of the water.

Copper is a 100 percent recyclable metal. Nearly 80 percent of the copper that has been mined to date is still in use.

Care & Maintenance

Naturally, brass metal is corrosion resistant hence copper bathtubs never rust. Use a mild detergent or mild soap and a soft microfiber cloth only for the cleaning of your tub. The coating is durable and flexible, allowing it to stand up to the rigors of regular use.
Read more on the care & maintenance of copper baths at this link.

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