Brass Floor Lamp 6 feet tall

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This lamp is over 6 feet tall and is perfect for usage in big wide rooms like halls and auditoriums.

Lamp has following key highlights:

  • Over 6 feet tall.
  • hinged at three sections, top, middle & bottom for adjustability.
  •  Made of pure brass.
  • Nickel Finish.


This Brass Floor Lamp 6 Feet Tall is a huge floor lamp made of pure brass with nickel finish.  Take a look at the picture down below for exact size & dimensions:

Brass Floor Lmap 6 Feet Tall

1 review for Brass Floor Lamp 6 feet tall

  1. Anonymous

    Welcome to the Floor lamps Store, where you’ll find great prices on a wide range of different floor lamps for your home.We would love to buy lamps from this company.Great designs.-Nageshwar Rao

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