Copper Beverage Tub Serving Panache

Copper Beverage Tub Serving Panache

Crafted by our artisans at our manufacturing facility, we bring to you a beverage tub that is a masterpiece in design aesthetics and uniquely available with Coppersmith Creations.

Copper Beverage Tub Serving PanacheWhether you are throwing an evening party at your house or you have a barbecue party in your backyard, this copper beverage tub is going to be a great utility product to keep your beverages with ice cubes chilled until your party lasts.

In addition to the great functional utility, this product will also score 100% on presentability and will get you admiration from the guests at your party.




Copper Beverage Tub Serving Panache

Coppersmith Creations’ copper beverage tub has following properties and features:

  • Inside electroplated nickel on pure copper sheet.
  • Dimensions: 58.42 cm x 42.18 cm x 27.94 cm
  • Made of 16-gauge copper.
  • Cast brass base & handles.
  • Double wall solid copper construction.

The shiny cast bronze base & handles is an icing on the cake for this metal ware. It uplifts the entire experience of the product and adds a tinge of luxury & sophistication to it.

The 16-gauge double wall design gives this copper beverage tub the strength & durability that will last a lifetime.

Refer to the picture down below for the measurements and size information of this copper beverage tub.

Copper Beverage Tub Serving Panache

Copper Beverage Tub Serving Panache

An excellent decor item for enhancing your outdoor parties and, at the same time, keeping your beverages cold and refreshing, this copper beverage tub is a must have.

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