Cleaning Copper Bathtub

cleaning copper bathtub

Being in the business of manufacture & export of finest quality copper bathtubs, copper sinks, cast bronze sinks, lamps, faucets and handicrafts we at Coppersmith Creations realized after being repetitively asked by our buyers about cleaning copper bathtub, that we may write a handy guide to clear all doubts.

Apparently being a luxury product made of precious metal copper, they are pretty expensive and yes are a status symbol for some but they definitely are worth an investment considering the long term benefits the metal has to offer. However, since this post deals with cleaning copper bathtub, we may try to clear the doubts that this is pretty cheap and you may do it yourself at no extra cost.

Following are some of the items you need to start the cleaning process:
1. Soft Cloth
2. Pair of gloves
3. Warm water
4. Mild detergent or soap

Wear your gloves & then wipe around the inside & outside of your copper tub with the soft cloth soaked in the mixture of warm water & mild detergent. After covering the entire area, make sure you rinse the bathtub with water removing any excess soap or residue.

Few warnings and things to avoid for cleaning copper bathtub:
1. You should only use mild detergent as other products can damage the surface of your bathtub. Harmful products for copper bathtubs include degreasers and corrosive cleaners, plus ammonia or acid-based cleaners. Never use them.
2. Never use steel wool as these can scratch the surface of your bathtub. It is recommended to use only soft cloth.
3. When you’re having a bath make sure anything you want to add to the water is suitable for use in a copper bath. For example, lemon should NEVER be added to bath water.

Also, there are following two issues specific with copper bathtubs that you need to know for being able to start cleaning copper bathtub:
Dealing with mineral deposits: If you are living in areas where water has high mineral content, you might experience build up of film on the surface of a copper bathtub as a result of mineral deposition. We recommend following precautions:
a) Dry the surface of bathtub thoroughly after each use. You may use a separate towel to wipe off the wet droplets left on the surface making it moisture free.
b) You may as well try waxing the surface of your copper bathtub as this prevents scratching & mineral deposition in the first place.

Apparently, it is not worth trying to repair the scratches on copper surface as mother nature has given copper a unique property called “living finish” which means that copper has self-healing property and it would blend the scratch or scar with its surface over time forming a unique design pattern that will keep changing the rustic look of your copper bathtub.

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