Copper Bathtub Black Outside

This bathtub features a striking black exterior finish that gives a beautiful contrast with the copper finish on the interior & on base. This is a unique handmade product crafted by skilled Indian artisans.

  • Dimensions(mm): 1670(L) x 720(W) x 710(H).
  • Made of a 16-gauge copper sheet.
  • Manufacturer guaranteed product quality.


Copper Bathtub Black Outside

Copper Bathtub Black Outside is a beautiful copper tub that features a black exterior finish and copper finish on the interior & on base which gives this bathtub a striking contrast.

Living Finish of Copper

Copper has a living finish that changes and evolves with how you use it. It’s what makes copper beautiful and raw. The living finish is called the patina, and it’s a natural protective coating that ensures copper won’t corrode. The patina of your copper sink or bathtub will always change. Certain acidic foods or chemicals will strip it off and time will bring it back. It will go from light to dark, extreme to subtle, but one thing’s for sure: it will always be changing.

Technical Drawing

Copper Bathtub Black Outside



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